Cosmetic Procedures – The Face Lift

Posted on August 26, 2014


An experienced cosmetic surgeon, Steven Covici, MD, performs face lifts and a wide variety of other operations through his private clinic in Springfield, MA. Dr. Steven Covici holds the distinction of being the premier, most experienced oculofacial plastic surgeon practicing in Western Massachusetts.

Among the most popular aesthetic procedures, the face lift addresses issues commonly associated with aging, such as sagging skin, lines around the eyes, and forehead creases. During the operation, a surgeon starts by making an incision, the scars from which are hidden in the natural contours of the face. The patient’s skin is then carefully lifted from the face in order to provide access to muscles and other tissues, which the surgeon tightens. Plastic surgeons may further see fit to extract fat deposits and remove excess skin. Once finished, the surgeon closes the incision using sutures. In all, the procedure takes two to four hours. Patients interested in pursuing cosmetic surgery ought to discuss the risks and benefits with a trained surgeon.

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