Brow Lifts from Steven Covici, MD, FACS

Posted on April 7, 2014


The recipient of a Doctor of Medicine from Northwestern University School of Medicine, Steven Covici, MD, FACS, cares for patients from his facility in Springfield, Massachusetts. Dr. Covici offers plastic and reconstructive procedures for clients, including brow lifts.

As a component of his tailored treatment plans, brow lifts lead to more alert and younger looking faces. During this process, Dr. Steven Covici restructures the skin, fat, and muscle underneath the forehead and cheeks to produce a superior appearance. By smoothing out and tightening loose skin, he virtually eliminates wrinkles and brow furrows. The advanced endoscopic technology used by Dr. Covici allows for greater accuracy and better results. Moreover, by making incisions in the skin’s natural folds, he minimizes and camouflages scarring.

During brow lifts, patients receive either general anesthesia or intravenous sedation, which renders them unconscious throughout the procedure. Afterward, Dr. Steven Covici advises clients on steps they can take at home to hasten the healing process.