Post-Surgery Care Tips

Posted on December 23, 2010

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Even the most minor of surgeries can leave you drained and lethargic. Take note of our tips and advice to make your recovery process as smooth as possible. Make sure to talk to your doctor for other post-surgery recommendations.

—Above all else, pay strict attention to your doctor’s recovery orders. Do not engage in any activity that he or she views as too exerting. If you desire to do something not covered in your instructions, talk with your doctor first to make sure the activity will not compromise your recovery.

—In line with the previous advice, take your post-surgery medications exactly as prescribed by your doctor. If you experience more or less pain than anticipated, consult your doctor before increasing or decreasing your pain medications.

—Driving after surgery is not recommended as most patients are sluggish due to anesthesia and post-op drugs. Call a friend or family member to take you home once you are allowed to leave the hospital.

—Generally, the first 24 hours after surgery are the most tiring: your body is hard at work mending from the procedure. Plan to spend the first day off your feet and sleeping as much as possible.

—Because you most likely were given an anesthetic and pain medication, try to avoid making important legal and personal decisions. Save such matters for after your head has cleared.

—While resting is important, you should engage in minor exercise while recovering. Exercise such as walking around the house is the best way to keep your body active without over-exerting yourself, although you are advised to check with your doctor first.

—Depending on the type of surgery you underwent, you may experience mild or severe nausea during recovering. Consume lighter foods such as soup and toast before progressing to heavier foods. Fruits and vegetables are recommended.

—Stay hydrated. Drink six to eight glasses of water per day to keep up your strength.

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